• Burke Museum (map)
  • NE 45th St & 17th Ave NE
  • Seattle WA 98105

Join Pulitzer-prize winning author Bill Dietrich for a figurative hike through the North Cascades. You will learn the region's rich history, hear about challenges this ecosystem faces, and discover opportunities to become a steward for this remarkable wild place.

One of the largest contiguous wilderness areas in the Lower 48, Washington's North Cascades are home to magnificent mountains, old growth forests, and pristine rivers.  Millions of people live next to the North Cascades, relying on this ecosystem for clean air and water, physical exercise and mental rejuvenation - with a million more people expected to move into the Puget Sound metro region within 20 years. Preserving this ecosystem's integrity in the face of development pressure will be possible only if those who live near it are its stewards. This is the story told by Braided River's book "The North Cascades: Finding Beauty and Renewal in the Wild Nearby" and the Burke Museum's immersive exhibit, which also highlights current scientific research happening in the North Cascades.

Whether you are new to Washington, or have lived here for years, you will come away with a new appreciation for the North Cascades. You’ll get practical advice for exploring the region, too!

Braided River's collaboration with the Burke Museum on Wild Nearby was generously supported by The Mountaineers Foundation.